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We won!  We won, we won!  We won the State Competition for the Real World Design Challenge & we’re going to D.C. for Nationals in April!  It’s so exciting to be able to go to my first national competition.  Fingers crossed for placing in Nationals (number one!)…

On another note, I had my first real taste of high school this week.  Last weekend, we went to Boston for a pleasure trip.  On Tuesday, I had three tests which I didn’t study for (kudos to my weekend trip).  Tuesday night, I attended a dialogue as a teen leader.  The dialogue was about the documentary Race to Nowhere, a film about the academic pressures on students.  It was an incredible documentary & an incredible discussion.  Ironically, I went home to stay up the latest I’ve ever stayed up for school to finish an essay.  Not cool.

To top off all this stress, our little puppy (not so little & not so much a puppy), Wookie, got tremendously sick & it was just painful to watch him through it.  Thankfully, after nights and nights of hospital visits & a stressed out brother (other dog, Sam), he is FINALLY back to normal.  In fact, yesterday, he stole a shoe and beat up Sam–good news!  So, life is good now.

I’m on break now!  That means a week-and-a-half of…watching movies?  YES!  Chick-flick time…

I also have to apply to GIV, which is an amazing institute/conference type thing this summer.  I have to start/work on/finish my world history project, on the Von Trapp Family (yes, that’s how much I love the Sound of Music).

Anyways, I feel like I’m writing:
1. Not enough

2. Too much about my life

So, I think I’ll start (again!) book/movie reviews, American Idol reviews…things like that–with, of course, bits of my life too…



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Burning Streaks

Stop, stop trembling tears,
simmering hopes
your eyes, your ears—
so beautiful, dear.
Sit, sit in my melody,
in your sweet eyes I see
tangled through ropes of
the glittering crystals of what appear
to be—
a wish, a desire,
a passionate dream crumbling within
a blazing fire—
one in your eyes, I see,
flames dancing down your veins
and leaving only red streaks to be.
Come, come to my arms,
kiss your eyes, your lips—
trickling tears like raindrops in the haze
since raindrops fall in drip, drip, drips.
Shh, listen, listen to my prayers,
swimming with words sodden with tears
and your eyes and your lips and
can you hear?
Never, never, never stop,
wishes drifting amongst drops—
of hope,
like raindrops
and raindrops never stop.

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My Favorite Things.

I’m not really doing myself justice with these blog posts.  It’s so much harder than it seems…

But anyways, it’s February!  And our school, fearsome of the scary storm approaching, has declared a snow day for tomorrow, which is just…beyond words.  To top that off, I have just rented The Jungle Book from Blockbuster & you have no idea at all how much I love, love, love this movie.  So, yes, I am excited.

On Monday (yesterday), I just finished something that’s been sort of a big part of my year.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it or not, but I’m doing something called the Real World Design Challenge.  It’s basically where a team of students applies classroom concepts on a real world project.  Since Boeing and Cessna are prominent sponsors, the challenges have always regarded airplanes.  This year, the challenge was to create the internal & external structure of a wing, with certain constraints.  Now, since I’m not a scientist & I have no prior knowledge of aeronautical engineering, you can just imagine how difficult it was.  To top it off, I was the only “newbie” & freshman on my team.  Nevertheless, I was responsible for the writing aspect of it & as you may or may not know, writing is my life.  Plus, it was loads of fun (especially the last days).

Our report & design are now in the process of being scored for the State Challenge.  If we win this (South Burlington has always won states!), then we proceed to Nationals in D.C.!  That would be so exciting.  This year, there are three participating teams from South Burlington, so you can just imagine the heated competition going on.  But, I think we’ll still be pleased with an SB Victory…

So, good luck to my team!

It’s just been an exciting week.  The shock & stress from exam week (and other parts of that week) has sort of settled down, and things are slowly moving back to normal.

So, life is good.

Stay warm in this deadly storm!

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