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People always say to me, “You’re a freshman, how would you know?” or “Freshman year is so easy”–but really, I do know what it’s like to go home with a pile of homework & sheet music & applications lying there; and really, freshman year is not easy…

In fact, if I’ve learned anything from middle school, I’ve learned that each year it seems difficult & hectic & stretched out to its extent, but the year after it’ll be even worse.  Not worse, per se, but more stress/work/problems/extracurriculars, and etc.  And every year, I have this longing desire just to get away–either to the year before (when things were relatively easier) or to the year after (when things will be new..for a bit).  Chances are, I feel just as stressed as a junior with a load of AP Chem homework as I would with a load of Honor’s homework…

Friday was a perfect comeback from a rather…dire week.  Easy day, good news all around, and finally ending it off with a trip to the hot tub 🙂  Plus, the stars were out & even if I don’t know anything about the stars, it’s still beautiful.

In other news, my birthday is in exactly seven days!  Ironically, it’s the first free and relaxing day I have, as well.  Each day of this week, 15 will be less of an illusion & I can just pretend that I wasn’t pretending to be 15 for the past who-knows-how-many months.

So, I know this is a day late…but…

I have absolutely no words, except that now I actually know the words–kudos to my RWDC teammates & my family & Facebook…
My friends & I have already talked about parodies…already wrote them & sang them–but everyone seems to be four steps ahead…


Since it’s 3 of 12, I’ll wrap this up soon–but first…

I have four goals for this week:

1. Post at least thrice on this blog.
2. Play tennis at least thrice.
3. Read/Memorize/Breathe the permit manual.
4. Lastly, don’t fall into an April Fool’s trap…

I probably still will.


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I think Boston has officially become my second home now—but every time I go there, it’s as if I’m seeing it from a different angle…which is really freaky.  Nevertheless, my comfort level in Boston is more or less like it is at home & it takes me a while to really get used to things.  I was there this weekend & I realized that as many times as I’ve been there, I haven’t really seen everything.  There are museums, malls, colleges (well, not quite yet), shows, restaurants (my favorite) &  just so many places to walk.  But now that I think about it, I’ve done quite a bit.

So, I am officially going to Italy on April 19th!  Ironically, we’re just wrapping up our Rome unit in History class, so I’ve been sure to pay extra attention.  The plan is Rome, Florence, Siena, the Vatican, and maybe some other stops here and there.  But regardless of where we go, I know that one: the food will fantastic/incredible/exquisite, two: it’ll be relatively warm, three: I will most likely see the Pope, and four: I can practice my Italian (Ciao; Buongiorno; Grazie;, Bella; Arrivederci;, Parli Inglese?; Lo non parlo italiano).  Plus, it’s a break, which is what I need/deserve/want.

My birthday is in approximately 12 days (April 2nd) &  I’ve already read and studied the permit.  I am completely prepared [I think].  Even though it’s my 15th, I feel like I’ve been 15 for the past few months.  Maybe it’s just because I hang around with too many people who are older than me, or I’m just ahead of myself [aren’t I always?].


I have five things to say before I go study for my trillion tests tomorrow [yes, it’s nine o’clock]:

i. The Glee episode was the most incredible &  fantastic one of all.  And if you don’t watch Glee, then I’m sorry.

I missed American Idol last week, but one of my favorite people got out so you can imagine how I feel about that…(Karen Rodriguez)

Last week, I finished Oedipus Rex in English class & I never imagined to like it so much.  We’re reading Romeo & Juliet next, but I’ve already got a head start!

I don’t think I’ve read a book for myself in a long, long time (ever since Harry Potter).  If you’re looking for some good books & aren’t completely appalled by my…interesting taste, then here are some recommendations:

1. House Rules by Jodi Picoult

2. The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

3. The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

4.  Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

5.  To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

6.  A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

(Not too many Jodi Picoult books, which is a record!  Though if you are     interested, I have a enormous list of them)

I have, however, watched many movies recently.  More recommendations from moi (most of them are chick flicks…sorry!):

1. Dirty Dancing

2. Serendipity

3. Letters to Juliet

4. When Harry Met Sally

5. The King’s Speech (non-chick flick…a must-see!)

6. The Sound of Music

7. Titanic

If you’re looking for critic-acclaimed movies with intense and glorified      actors/actresses, I suggest that you check out some of these sites.  In fact, I  should probably watch some of these:

100 Movies to See Before You Die
IMDB Top 250
All-Time 100 Movies
100 Best Movies of All Time


Well, I suppose I should go study (and then check out some of those movies!).  Arrivederci!

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Everytime we have a snow day, I’m determined to cook something–something extraordinary and ornate.  On Monday, I created my most fancy dessert….chocolate pretzels.  Yes, this demonstrates how lazy I really am.

The snow day (though awesome and unexpected) made me a little edgy.  With all of the teacher strike talk, I was worried about missing classes for so long, and of course, extending into April break and summer.  Nevertheless, the snow day was my lazy/relaxing day and the strike was called off, so no guilt, right??

I just got back from the State House today, where we met Governor Shumlin (since we won for Real World Design), and it was pretty cool!  The State House was jam-packed with people, mostly attendees of a conference for Mental Health and Disabilities awareness.  WCAX filmed our press conference with the governor, so we’ll be featured on the news tomorrow night!

But enough of my life–hey, have you been watching American Idol lately?  I have!  My honest opinion: good riddance that Simon left.  I mean, I was determined to hate Idol since Simon was leaving, but now…it’s like a breath of fresh air with Steven Tyler and J.Lo.  Their wild card round last week was a little confusing, but I guess there’ s a T0p 13 now?  I’m still excited for the rest of the season!

If you’re up for a good laugh and not overly attached to Idol, check out Vote for the Worst.  They have the best Idol insight, but they’re haters…so beware!

Tonight…I’m rooting for Scottie (best. voice. ever), Thia (best. song. ever.), and Casey Abrams (just ’cause he’s cool).  Who are you voting for?

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