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In April, I posted something about only having 400 views.  Five months later, I have just a little over 2,000.  Oh my goodness.  My goal for the end of the year: 4,000 views.  Send it to your friends, families, the news (just kidding).  Keep reading!  And let me know if there’s something you’d like me to post about!


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Brahms Quintet (LCCMF)

i.  Allegro
I see birds at pizzicatos,
and swinging branches at double stops.
Sweltering sunlight,
and the bird is on a journey.
Where colours of nature swing
in the summer breeze,
and lilting songs weave
together though the
crevices of leaves.
And determination is all
the bird is,
determination to reach
those last
ii.  Adagio
The tapping of the rain is almost
like a soothing percussion
to this sweet adagio,
that brings back memories
and feelings once forgotten.
And when the last note tapers away,
this percussion ceases to end,
and there is something absolutely beautiful about
nature’s intervention with the music.
iii. Allegretto
Brahms brings back nostalgic memories.
Yet, I can’t seem to place
where these notes have struck before.
In my dreams, perhaps,
in my imagination,
in vivid pictures I draw
with my eyes and my pen and my words.
I can’t remember;
but this familiar melody
is rather soothing.
iv. Vivace
Crescendos give me energy that adagios take away,
and suddenly I feel like dancing,
wind blowing across my hair
and a dress twirling like flower petals in the wind.
Nothing can stop me from the violas
and cellos
and violins.
In my mind, this fantasy is unraveling,
and it’s oh-so close

to becoming a reality.

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Web Design

I took a Web Design class last year, and developed a sort of addition to my dreams for the future.  Web Designer.  That class was the prime class of the year.  I loved it; I loved the creativity, the freedom, the technical writing.  But I’m not so good, I realize.  I took a couple of programming classes this summer to perhaps include to my existing knowledge.  (It didn’t do much).

But I thought that I should attach a link to my work from last year anyways.  Here you go….

(My favorite is Dancing Strings, with Poetry & Prose coming in second.  But Dancing Strings is more, me, ya know?)

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I’ve been meaning to post this post since….January.  It’s never too late, though, is it?

What is Translucent Roses?  I’m sure people have stumbled upon this blog and wondered about the significance of the name.  Honestly, my tagline (C’est la vie) doesn’t do much.  (Though it does pertain to content of this blog rather well).  I always have a difficult time with names/titles/etc.  Let’s just say that Translucent Roses is a mixture of random google searches, and my possible fascination with the word translucent (plus my favorite flower is a rose).  Thus, Translucent Roses was born.

I love the exclusivity of this name, though.  When I type it into Google, my blog is one of the top searches.  People don’t just see my blog and think, “Oh, yeah, she named it Translucent Roses…of course!”.  No, they probably wonder why (or at least I think/hope so), and that’s exciting….that’s what I want.  In English, we’re learning about all sorts of interpretation techniques of authors…and maybe this is my own technique.  Translucent Roses.  What does it really mean to the reader?  To you?

On another note, I had the perfect name idea for my Tumblr.  Unfortunately, the domain was already taken, which is why I had to resort to Translucent Roses again (not that I’m complaining).  But my idea was Porcelain Fists, the name of a beautiful song by Ingrid Michaelson.  It’s just a shame that I wasn’t an Ingrid fan back in January.  Nevertheless, maybe I’ll keep that name in mind for a future blog.  But honestly, Translucent Roses is like a part of me now.  I don’t I could ever let go of it.  How cheesy do I sound?

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Musings Corner

Tumblr.  Check.

Only I have a few questions….what is a Tumblr, and how do you use it?  Three reasons why I joined: everyone has one (so cliché), it’s colorful/creative, it reminds me of this blog.  Welcome to Musings Corner, a corollary of this blog (I was lucky with the domain).  Welcome to my one post…a quote from August Rush that most everyone has heard before, yet it remains to be my favorite quote (besides the Titanic one…scroll down).

“The music is all around us.  All you have to do is listen” ~August Rush.   Amen, August.  That movie is literally one of the best things in my life.  The soundtrack is heavenly.  And of course, Elgar’s Cello Concerto happens to be on it.  Irony, perhaps?  Definitely irony.  Another piece, “August’s Rhapsody” is the so-called composition of the main character, August.  Throughout the eight minute piece, the emotions and music vary so much, that that’s what makes it beautiful.  Is this just my orchestra-geekiness emerging?

There’s nothing like a welcome back to school than staying up ’til 1 every night doing homework starting Day 1.  This must be the point when I start LOVING high school….actually, maybe senioritis is two years too early.  In addition to that, lovely Driver’s Ed has added to this pile.  Nevertheless, it’s about the big picture.  License, License, License.

Since my homework load was (relatively) low today, I decided to scrape the Bio studying for some writing.  (I sound extraordinarily nerdy at this point)  Poetry, prose, prompts….instead of all this, I seemed to land up here.  Funny how that works.  Let me just take a moment to say how much I love this blog.  It has literally been my dream to have a diary…but I never had the patience.  But now my blog is like a place to vent, be crazy, and pretend I have an audience (or not).  Maybe this is the place where “I can be heard” and can “change the world”…but I highly doubt that a high schooler talking about her less-than-average life can really change the world.

Let’s reminisce.  January 1st, I started this blog.  Two years ago, I started another blog (Blogger) on that same date…as a New Year’s Revolution.  Like I said in my first post, it was a middle school student’s diary….and almost humiliating for me to look back upon.  Nevertheless, I promised myself this year that I would finally follow through with a New Year’s Resolution.  But deep inside, I knew that I wouldn’t—that my laziness would dominate.  But I have pulled through for 9 months, posting at least once a month or even twelve times a month (July!).  And today, I’m 50 views away from 2,000.  Yeah, it doesn’t seem like a lot…but it is for me.  To think that this link has been clicked 2,000 times…to read my writing…it’s kind of a mind-blowing thought.  I didn’t think it would happen.  So maybe in a year or two, I’ll start writing about more useful topics (yeah right!) or people will be more interested…but this just feels incredible right now.

I’m done venting.  Off to bed.  See you next post!

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*A moment of silence in the school*

The hallways are silent.

Silent enough for heart beats to race between tiles
and weave between skyscraper windows
under perfect September 11 blue.
And ears are buzzing with vibrations
across waters and waters,
drowning in news reports and cries,
and time is warping into nightmares once more.

Silence.  The hallways are silent.

Silent so eyes are still closed
and racing memories are spinning and spinning
into dizzy-ness.
And only words, there are, frisking in the air
from history books,
because it is a story
that’s unreal.

Silence.  Fifteen-hundred can manage silence
for five minutes,
can show support
for ten years,
can come together as a community
to make us realize
what community is really about.

And we can realize what love is,
all hand-in-hand.

Ten years later,
we will not forget;
we will be the ones to carry the heart-wrenching memories,
the feelings,
the bottled-emotions,
into the future
when 9/11 will only be words on a page.

September 11, 2001

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