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Condensed October

It depresses me to not have posted something on here for a while.  October is bare.  No way is that possible…because my life has been anything but bare this month.  And isn’t it just ironic that I choose the night before an AP Calc test and a US History test…to actually post…at 11:30.  My mind is whimsical, to say the least.

I’m going to test myself.  Can I summarize this month and it’s fantastic-ness (oh how proud my English teacher would be) in a paragraph?  Let’s see…

In the past month, I’ve consistently continued to beat my records for staying up late doing homework.  So far, I’m at 2:30 am…chances are I’ll beat that one soon.  (Not so fantastic, but I might as well get rid of the bad ones first).  I have a French Exchange student…living in my house…with a French accent.  It’s incredible.  I don’t speak French to her, except for a few words here and there…mostly, I take advantage of the fact that she speaks better English than most of us here.  I suppose sometimes we speak franglais.  What else is new?  Basement is complete.  Finished.  Done.  So many weeks and months and it’s just amazing (trying to find some synonyms).  And the best way to kick it off is having a dance party for Mamma Mia with 10 French exchange students.  Oh, and I’ve been learning random words too, most of which I can’t remember.  Did you know that a friperie is a thrift store?

Anyways, that’s a lot longer than I intended.  Everyone always tells me that I need to be more concise…but I like to ramble on screen as much as I do off-screen.  I’ll be back soon.  I just couldn’t bear to see 0 posts for October…must. keep. my. goal.

Anyways…Pageant awaits!  (US History textbook)

Au Revoir!


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