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1…3…11 months!

Yesterday, I was in the car, pondering deep thoughts…and I thought…It’s November.  It’s November.  Translucent Roses started in January, and it was my New Year’s Resolution.  Let’s be honest here—I never follow my resolutions.  But here is the one instance I have ever followed through.  It’s November, and I’m constantly posting.  I store ideas in the back of my mind for blog posts when I see something I want to talk about.  In short, this is what I love.  I love to talk.  And I love to write.  Why not combine those?

Let’s think of an early New Year’s Resolution for 2012:

-Reach 10,000 views
-Pull through the year posting every month
-Write more than 49 (plus however many I write by the end of the year) posts
-Get more subscribers
-Do something un-related to the blog

Tough, tough, tough decisions.  I’ll be in India during this important decision-making.  I will be updating regularly (like in Italy)!

Until next time! (See, I told you I would post!)


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Ramble Ramble


Three months of no creative writing has caused an almost permanent writer’s block.  I spent the entire day lingering over my empty Pages screen, hoping for some inspiration.   Read a few of my past novel beginnings.  I don’t know how I did it.  Maybe my creativity has just sunken…my mind has ceased production of ideas.  Or I’m just tired of my writing style.  I’ve used the same phrases and metaphors in everything…it’s time for a change.  So don’t mind me as I determine who I am–

In other news (oh, felt like a journalist there), I haven’t felt like reading either.  I turned down Harry Potter today, which is unlike me.  I need a good book suggestion…like so good, it’s irresistible.

We are, however, reading a rather–interesting–book in my US History class, called Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow. I don’t know what I feel about it.  Most of the kids in my class really despise it, but then again they don’t like any of the books we read in class.  This one….I actually don’t mind it very much.  Other than one risqué scene, the story line is interesting and the book itself is written incredibly.  The way Doctorow words things is spectacular. For our class, that’s not so beneficial…as we have about 150 vocab words to study now!  But if you’re looking for something to read…and you don’t mind bizarre stories…I would truly recommend this.  I think it’s just one of those things you should read, like Romeo and Juliet and all those other classics.

My orchestra had rehearsal today, and we’re playing an amazing piece called Carmina Burana   (I’ve attached a Youtube video).  You’ve probably heard the first movement (O Fortuna) in movies or commercials.  It’s fairly well-known.  Anyways, we had our first rehearsal with the chorus.  Goosebumps.  I love hearing the music–it’s almost suspenseful.  If you’re town, and would like to hear this epic, epic piece (plus other great orchestral music), come to Orchestrapalooza on Sunday, December 4th at 4!  It’s so much fun to hear really talented musicians.

I went ballroom dancing last night with a few of my friends!  It was spectacular.  I’ve never felt so majestic ever.  Honestly, it was like being in the 20’s.  Couples ripped up the dance floor with moves I’ve never seen….the Rumba, Salsa, Tango, Waltz, etc etc.  I attempted, but failed miserably.  But I would definitely go back just to watch couples dance….they were almost professional.  Go to a ball.  Check.  (Hmm…this gives me an idea…maybe I should write a bucket list).

Okay, this post is rambling, really–the mumbo-jumbo little things in my life.  Farewell!  (Don’t worry, I’ll be back).

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I’m Alive!

I’m here, I’m here, I’m here!

I haven’t disappeared off of the face of the planet…yet.

Actually, today is the first day of Thanksgiving Break (well not officially).  So this means you’ll be seeing continuous posts this week….and then I will manage to disappear once more.

I would just like to say that my fingers are numb from being outside, so they can’t type as fast.  Don’t you hate that feeling?  It makes me feel like my emotions are being blocked.  It’s distressing, kind of.

Anywho.  I haven’t descriptively posted since September.  What is this?

Let’s start with October.  You’ve already gotten an overview of it.  In October, I had my French exchange student, Eléonore, visit.  It was amazing.  The two of us are officially Mamma-Mia-obsessed, as that was our little joke during the stay.  Obviously we had a lot more inside jokes—after all, living with someone for 3 weeks yields a lot of memories.  To our luck, she loved Indian food.  Like loved, loved, loved it. When we asked her if she liked some sort of food, she’d reply, “Yes, but I like Indian much better.”  We visited Boston for a weekend, where to took her to an Indian-Chinese restaurant, which was mind-boggling for her.  Another thing about that trip was that she realized my weakness—shopping.  Now she has promised to take me shopping in France.  I’m perfectly alright with that, of course, but I guess it was embarrassing having someone discover this vice of mine.  I was in hard-core shopping mode.  And honestly, that can be scary.

In Boston, we took Eléonore to the Blue Man Group Show as well.  Not only is it incredible for us, but for her it’s unbelievable.  She had this incredulous look on her face as blue men created art and music (her favorite things).  She picked up a lot of ideas for her arts classes, and this makes me excited, because her art is professional-level.  Yet, out of all of this, the best part at the Blue Man Group Show was when groups of French-speaking Canadians gathered in the line, and she turned back at the sweet sound of French—only to be disappointed that they weren’t French themselves.  But that look on her face, hearing her language, was priceless.  I am sure I’ll feel the same way when I go to France (in February!).

We took all of the French kids (20 of them, 20 of us) trick-or-treating in my neighborhood.  The French were tremendously creative in their costumes, I realized.  And they’re hilarious.  We had a lot of funny looks from houses, especially when we told them we were half-French.  And a few days later they left, when about 40 kids were crying in front of the high school at the beginning of the day.  It was, you know, a completely normal day at SBHS.

Now it’s November.  Old November, my least favorite month.  It’s been okay so far.  I just got home from a Speech competition, where I managed to get 2nd place in my category!  South Burlington came in 1st, of course!

And now, it’s freedom.  (For a week…)  Here’s my list on my phone for to-do’s:

  • Read a book.
  • Read another book.
  • Write a novel.  (ha. ha. ha.  By this, I mean attempt to start NaNoWriMo 18 days late, with 12 days to go)
  • Write a lot (poetry, etc)
  • Watch a movie, or two
  • Perfect the piece I’m playing on the violin (meaning doodle around with other really cool pieces instead of playing what I’m supposed to)
  • Clean my closet

My goal is to do everything.  I anticipate that about 60% will get done.  We’ll see, I suppose.

Anyways, I’m going to India in December for a few months!  My darling Pablo (cousin) will be there….and I have the perfect Christmas present for him.  Only, I can’t say it here, just in case he reads it or something.  🙂

{Do people ever use smiley faces in blog posts?  Maybe I’m starting a new trend…or maybe this is a blogging faux-pas. }

I really enjoy how I’ve had one or two views here and there without posting.  It makes me feel good about myself.  I like making goals for myself in terms of views.  But I’ve realized that I blog because I really like to talk–not because I want views.  It’s like a journal I don’t mind sharing.

Right now, it’s 9:30 pm.  I’ve unintentionally (and much to my dismay) introduced my mother to NCIS, so I can assume it’ll be a constant in our house now.  And I’m craving hot cider by the fire, a few feet of snow on the ground (actually, I wouldn’t mind if this one just stayed in my dreams), and a nice book or movie.  And I feel incredibly relieved to get all these words out onto a post.  I can’t explain how much I love this blog.

‘Til next time!

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Oh November Woes

Dear all (I don’t even know who all is–it could be no one);

I’m sorry for the bare spots in the calendar.  Life is rough.  Who am I, a sophomore in high school, to say so?  I….don’t know.  But life is rough.  Thanksgiving Break is in two weeks, so be expecting a post close to every day–to the point of extreme.


PS–Have I done a good job keeping anonymity?  I don’t think I’ve ever said my name on here…

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