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I absolutely love food.  For the first time ever, the Mukherjees cooked a full Thanksgiving meal, with turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce….the whole shabang.  While we weren’t surrounded by twenty other family members, we did share it with each other—and, of course, Sam and Wookie.  But Thanksgiving has felt more like the holiday season, with the white blanket of snow, Christmas music, excessive shopping.  Half of my mind is in denial that school is in two days, and the other half is desperately trying to complete the work I never got around to.  I think I need another vacation.

My house has mostly been crazy with Morocco plans.  A night here in Marrakech, another there in Casablanca.  It feels like a dream to travel to Africa, though with everything going on, I tend to forget that I’m actually going on vacation soon.  One of the trips we were looking at was a night in the Sahara, under the stars—such an idyllic image.  Imagine spending New Years Eve sleeping in the Sahara (although with the cobras and vipers), watching the crystal clear sky, listening to nothing but the sand and the wind.  Though, I don’t think I’m quite at the level of being able to live like a savage for a few days.  Instead, we’ll visit the Sahara on short day trips, taking camel rides and photographs, and attempting to speak French (poorly, I might add).

Before Morocco, we’re spending three days with Pablo, who, by persistent prodding, has already figured out 75% of his Christmas gifts. Even more, he’s determined to name his new baby brother Lolly, but we have two months to convince him out of that one.  Spending Christmas in Europe will be yet another dream, although I’ll miss Vermont.  There’s nothing quite like waking up in my own bed, watching the snow fall, listening to my dogs whimper on Christmas morning.  Picking up the tree every morning after it invariably falls down.  Stressing out over Christmas shopping.  Decorating the house with holiday lights.  It’s all a part of December.

In other news, lately, I’ve been addicted to tea, movies, and Bastille’s new album, Bad Blood.  I spend most of my time at Dobra Tea downtown, curled up on the low platforms, sipping my chai and eating mochi.  Dobra embodies everything “hipster” and Vermont-y, so if you consider yourself a Vermonter, make your way over there as soon as you can.  My idea of a good movie still includes tear-jerkers and hopeless rom-coms, but I’m trying to branch out by watching classics (started out with Breakfast Club).  Any suggestions?  Comment below!  And finally, Bastille.  Listen to Bastille if you can.  The song “Oblivion” is particularly uplifting and spiritual and just makes me so happy.

In the past few weeks, I’ve gone to two, starkly contrasting concerts: David Cook and Anoushka Shankar.  At David Cook, my friend and I stood out amongst the crowd of primarily 50-year old women and their grudging husbands.  But seeing David perform reminded me of all those nights I stayed up watching American Idol, rooting for David Archuleta rather than Cook, pathetically devoting my entire life to the show (shedding a few tears when Archie lost).  Six years later, I actually find myself liking David Cook.  Who would’ve thought?  Nonetheless, his music is upbeat and refreshing….and he has a great voice.  Not to mention, he’s a fun performer!

The audience at Anoushka Shankar was kind of the same deal.  I stuck out amongst an overwhelming amount of elderly people.  But, as I am an old lady I heart, Anoushka Shankar’s concert was one of the best ones I’ve ever been to.  Her music was beautiful and soothing, not to mention unique.  Her approach of combining Indian classical and Western music is brilliant. My dad spent part of the concert trying to explain the concept of ragas to me, and it made me regret not appreciating Indian classical music before.  Because ragas are improvised (though Anoushka Shankar writes all of her music), they seem much rawer than Western classical music.  They convey pure emotions—it’s incredible.   I’ll always have a soft spot for emotional music over any other kind.

Before I return to Crime and Punishment and Candide, two of my reading assignments for this break, I’m going to do some shameless self-promotion.  As some of you know, I started an online newspaper at my school in September, after three years of hopeless dreaming.  It was an ambitious goal, and, honestly, I didn’t think it would come through.  But these past few months have reminded me how amazing SB and its students are.  Rebelution just released its first issue ever, with the help of the 17 incredible and talented staff members.  The nights before the deadline were grueling, but seeing the final product, I regret nothing.  Go like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, comment on some of our pieces.  We love support!

And with that, I’m off.  Happy belated Thanksgiving/Black Friday (let’s face it….this is what this vacation is about), December, and holidays!



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